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Are you one of those internet users who are finding the answers of below-listed questions, almost 10 different queries to find the same thing, don’t worry, you are at right place, as a professional WordPress development company, we will help you to find the best WordPress hosting.

In this article, we have mainly focused on one simple thing: provide clear, objective information to help you find the best WordPress hosting services and providers in India to support your personal or business needs.

WordPress hosting is one of the most effortless to power a professional, functional website or blog without knowing coding, programming or web designing. Although, if you do have basic HTML skills, WordPress hosting gives you the flexibility to fully customize your website. Check out our top picks for the best WordPress hosting choices available in the hosting industry today.

From a technical point of view, any kind of hosting service can be used to host a WordPress powered website/blog. However, WordPress hosting is designed to fulfil this purpose. Many web hosts offer WordPress specific hosting plans with preinstalled or 1-click WordPress installation so one can start creating a website without delay.

Best WordPress Hosting India – Top Picks


Selecting the best hosting for your WordPress based website or blog is very crucial. The success of your website depends on the hosting service provider you choose to use for your website.

So how do you know what is the fastest and best WordPress hosting site or provider?

There are numerous WordPress hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostinger, InMotion Hosting etc.

Whoever, you choose for your website, remember the 3 most vital factors of the best and most reliable WordPress hosting:

1. Server Speed: Refers to website Load Time.

2. Server Uptime: At least 99.99% Uptime is needed.

3. Customer/Technical Support: Customer/tech support should be available round the clock to help you.

Here on this page, we have listed the top 3 best and most reliable WordPress hosting in India providers and put them based on different analyses including server speed, uptime guarantee, customer/technical support, features, plans and pricing.

Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting to Support Your Commercial Website


You need the best WordPress hosting to create the best impression on the internet. The way your website is presented to the world is very important. Potential buyers or clients often evaluate your credibility by simply looking at your website. You can always host your website under the free WordPress hosting version as there are many tools available under this program. However, there are many things you are missing out on if you stick with the free version. One great thing is that if you use the best WordPress hosting, all your website contents will belong exclusively to you alone.

You can always use social sites to promote your products and services. However, these are free platforms where all your data and valuable content are being placed based on an unsecured basis. You are sharing the same platform with millions of other users, and if something happens to the respected social site, you will lose your databases, like content and images. Therefore, you should pay attention to the significance of using the best WordPress hosting services. By dealing with the best WordPress hosting company, you get to choose the right website design. Additionally, every word, image and audio inserted into your website becomes your personal property, and you have complete control over them.

The best WordPress hosting company will usually provide users with customizable website designs accompanied by hundreds of different plug-ins that you can install immediately. Additionally, by subscribing to a hosting company, you will get the privilege of having your unique domain name.

Things to Look for in the Best WordPress Host Commercial Website


If you want to create exposure for your blog, the most appropriate solution is to use the best WordPress host companies. There are many web hosting companies available on the internet right now. However, you need to be careful in the selection process because all of them cannot be trusted. Some companies claim to be the best WordPress host, but they don’t care much whether your blog can get the exposure you have in mind. These companies may have attracted your attention mainly because of their excellent advertisement campaigns, but when you discover their limited abilities after making the payments.

You can profit in many ways by simply blogging. However, if your blog is exposed to a lot of challenges, it would be rather hard for you to concentrate on building quality content. There are several factors, you need to consider when hosting your blog under a paid company. The best WordPress host should take care of the security of your blogs. You don’t want your blog to get hacked by irresponsible individuals that are increasing in number. At the same time, the best WordPress host should also provide consistent technical assistance to all their subscribers.

The best WordPress host should be able to address your problems quickly and effectively. Server rundowns may occur during the oddest of hours, and you certainly do not want to lose potential profits due to server down issues. Additionally, any fault must be corrected as immediately as possible so that the operation of your blog or website can go on as usual.

What Can You Get from a WordPress Host Plan?


A fully configured WordPress host plan helps bring your website to the top of the search engine result page. The right WordPress host plan will run your website efficiently every time. A right hosted website can make a big difference in the way you get listed on the SERPs, and this condition alone can allow you to outrun bigger competitors easily. At the same time, it becomes easier to attract new customers since now you can portray a better image to the public due to uninterrupted operation and a little to no server breakdown issues.

Building up a new website that is filled with numerous features and functions may cost you a small fortune, especially when all the tasks are being outsourced. If possible, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the maintenance aspects. WordPress hosting can help you save money as you do not need to employ a designer or developer to maintain your website. A WordPress host plan is available for as small as ten dollars per month. Some WordPress hosting plans will allow you to host an unlimited number of domain names under the same package with minimal monthly subscription fees.

Every managed WordPress host plan works by allowing your website to be hosted under their privately owned servers. The hosting company maintains your web code and content that alleviates you from hassles. By allowing them to manage your website, you can focus more on building high-quality content and hopefully be able to attract more potential buyers or customers shortly.

The Best Blog Host Allows You to Profit More from Blogging


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that allows users to create and manage blogs, but the best blog host for WordPress does not come from the free version. If you are a blogger who does not have any commercial interest, by all means, you can use the free hosting provided by WordPress. Free WordPress hosting provides bloggers with quite a several modules. There are many fascinating plug-ins, and blog templates ready to be installed within a minute. However, if your blog is created for profit, the best blog host should be the paid version.

The main reason behind using a paid version of WordPress hosting is that the free version does not allow bloggers the exclusive rights to include pay-per-click advertisements. Google Adsense, for example, is a very profitable program because bloggers can easily earn money when visitors click on any of the advertisement widgets displayed on their blogs. However, bloggers couldn’t insert any Google Adsense programs if the free WordPress hosting is utilized, but a paid version of the best blog host earning from Adsense becomes possible.

Reasons Why Commercial WordPress Hosting is the Best Choice for Bloggers


Blogging helps hundreds of millions of people earn money, and the same goes with WordPress hosting plans. WordPress allows you to convey your messages to your audience most exclusively and stylishly. Indeed, WordPress hosting plans are the best choice if you want to appear professional in the eyes of your audience. The free versions may limit your choice because you will only get to choose from the same blog templates. Additionally, you have no choice but to share the same templates with thousands or perhaps millions of other bloggers.

The paid version of WordPress hosting plans is more worthwhile to use. The best WordPress hosting programs should at least provide you with the latest version of PHP and MYSQL. These programs should also provide you with constant customer support. It is also important to deal with a service provider who offers excellent server reliability. It means your hosting company should perform regular maintenance for their server and make sure that the operation and speed of the server are perform efficient. It is also crucial that the hosting company complies with the constant changes in the WordPress systems.

The best WordPress hosting plans should incorporate everything that is needed to boost the exposure of any website. Some of the important features that must be included in a fully configured website are ping away, bookmarks, smart text formatting, comments and spam blockers.