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Welcome to your No 1 destination for all SEO related services for your business site. We started our journey 8 years back with the sole mission to offer exceptional quality services to our clients with 100% satisfaction. We are proud to announce that we created a niche for us in the industry with our competent team of 45+ members. We spread our wings and now serving 27 countries worldwide. If you are wishing to make your site SEO optimized and want us to serve you then know some important facts about SEO and us.

Let’s, begin with the meaning of SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a technical process which supports in improving the quantity and quality of traffic for a website. If the site is lacking quality traffic then that will hamper the visibility, popularity, and profitability of the business. We as the best SEO Company in India ensure that we improve the traffic of our client website and enhance its visibility. SEO also targets image search, academic search, video search, industry-specific search, news search and many more.

Benefits of SEO Services for Your Company

There are several benefits which your company will enjoy when you hire the best SEO company in India. We will share some of the major benefits of SEO services in India although there are countless advantages of affordable SEO services in India. Take a look below:

SEO offers excellent user experience

There are multiple SEO ways which you can make use of improving the website and enhancing user experience. It supports in offering the audience relevant information, photos, and videos with relevant text, easy page navigation, and configuration of the mobile-friendly website. All such SEO activities improve user experience leading to a higher rate of conversion, more leads, and clicks.

SEO delivers higher conversion rates

SEO helps in getting a good ranking on the search engines and when you achieve that directly it guarantees a better rate of conversion. The target market to which you belong will remain well aware of your products and services as long as you maintain the position in the top pages of search engine. Our professional SEO services in India NCR are carefully designed to offer the best to our clients.

SEO supports cost management

SEO is competent enough to lower down the cost of advertisements. When you already achieve a top position on the search engine pages there is no more need for any advertising or pay per clicks. The SEO inbound lead generation will cover social media management, referrals, blogging, and many others with no additional cost. In short, our Search Engine Optimization Agency in India minimizes your advertisement expenses.

SEO acts as a primary tool for lead generation

After SEO implementation in your site if you notice a consistent increase in the number of visitors then, be assured our SEO expert in India is in the right track. In case you want more traffic than you achieved till now then feel free to share the same with our SEO agency in India as we will love to serve you.

SEO executes a higher close rate

Based on a research it was found that 14.6 % close rate achieved through SEO leads compared to 1.7% leads from outbound activities. SEO leads are the one where the customer makes a search when having specific requirements for the product or services that you offer.

What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

There are two types of SEO practices. One is On-page SEO and the other one is off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:

It is a typical SEO practice which concentrates on optimizing individual web pages for higher ranking and increase in relevant traffic from the search engines. In includes both HTML Source code and content. On-page SEO defined the manipulations that our expert’s make directly on the web page for facilitating higher ranking. There are some specific factors which contribute towards on-page SEO and our SEO Agency India takes care of it.

  • Page content: SEO optimized content turns the page worthy to get excellent search engine position. Our SEO contents are good in quality and match supply-demand creating a linkable base with the industry you belong to.
  • Title Tag: Title tags are one of the vital on-page factors that our SEO experts take care off.
  • URL: Besides smart internal linking our SEO professionals ensure that the category hierarchy of the client website is clearly reflecting in the URL.
  • Image Alt Text: Images also play an important role in improving the site visibility on the search engine pages. So our best SEO Agency in India will ensure to create the best image alt text.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page, SEO can be described as the activities that all website owners do moving out of the website for popularizing their business and improving the page ranks of search engines. The factors on which OFF Page SEO concentrates include:

  • Referring domain numbers: Takes care of links from other websites for higher ranking besides organic search traffics.
  • Link authority: Our SEO firm in India analyzes the target URL’s backlink profile’s UR strength to decide the link authority.
  • Anchor text: Anchor text deals with clickable words which are used for linking one web page with other
  • DoFollow Vs NoFollow: Management of doFollow and Nofollow links are done for active building of links coming from a particular website and also ensures that the outbound links of such website are followed by them.
  • Contribute as Guest Author: There are a number of good and quality blogs that are open for guest post from various authors. Write an amazing research piece and reach them with the content for guest post. Don’t focus on the number of links but rather focus only on quality links.


Being a recognized SEO services company in India, we ensure that we always offer the best to our customers. There are different ranges of SEO services that we offer in the industry.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the king of marketing strategies available so far. SEO depends massively on content marketing. Our SEO content team ensures to create SEO optimized articles, press releases, and blogs which are client-specific for submissions in various sites dedicated to such contents.

Domestic and International SEO

Under this service head, we cover the below services:-

  • Critical Website Analysis
  • Back Link analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Baseline ranking check
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Google Penalty Check

SEO Reports

Our expert’s team prepares Google analytics report and keyword ranking report to analyze to check traffic attribution and business and financial goal analysis. Being a top-notch SEO services provider in India we are offering the above-mentioned services apart from other regular services which all SEO companies offer like on-page and off-page SEO services.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is one of the major services that we offer to our clients. Today’s businesses are social media platform depended and so our team ensures that we take advantage of these platforms to popularize the business of our clients. We offer the following services:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 profile creations
  • Social sharing
  • Video Marketing and submission
  • Image promotion and submission

How does the search engine work?

This is something which all website owners must know to ensure that are reaching the right set of customers. Well, the search engine performs its job by crawling several billions of pages using their personalized web crawlers. Such types of web crawlers are popular in technical terms as spider or bot. The search engine will go for sites navigation by web pages downloading. It will follow the links on the web pages in order to land up at the new pages which are newly made available. The search engines serve their responsibilities in 3 major steps:

Web crawling: It is the way which is followed by the spiders to crawl for finding what new is published on the World Wide Web. It is done to analyze the multitude of the pages for changes made if any and capture the same.

Indexing: After the changes are captured and copied by spider it is returned to search engine for data storage. Web page repository is known as Index and is the data store which remains organized and also used for delivering search results on pages of search engine.

The algorithms: Once crawling and indexing are over there is a need to decide a means for ranking them based on the relevance of the search terms. Here algorithm pays an important role. Search engine maintained algorithm as a closed affair to restrict it from competitors and businesses to achieve the top spots easily.

Components of Search Engines

In order to get the best long term position on the search engine pages thereto need to be 4 specific components present in your business site.

  1. Text component: Search engines creates a list of words as well as phrases available on the URL’s to help the websites do well on the pages of the search engine. Keyword selection needs to be done carefully in order to make your website easily searchable via search engines. We as the best SEO Company India make in-depth keyword analysis to pick the right set of keywords for our client sites.
  2. Link Component: Placement of keywords on the website will go in vain if that remains undetectable by the search engine spider. Attention is given to make perfect linking of the pages of the website and with other websites to improve the position of search engine pages.
  3. Popularity component: We need to take care of the link popularity, social signals and click-through popularity to ensure success and visibility of the website on search engine pages.
  4. Search component: It’s a critical part of the search engine algorithm and mostly ignored even by top SEO Company in India. You need to understand how your audience will communicate through commercialized web engines. You need to analyze your client’s expectations to decide what they wish to do, where to go and what exactly they want to read.

The above are the 4 major components which are must to take into consideration by all SEO Experts India.


Google Algorithms can be described as a complex system used for the retrieval of data right from the search index and make instant delivery of the best possible results for any type of query. Our SEO consultants in India tries to establish a perfect combination of the algorithms with numerous ranking signals for the search engines in order to deliver webpage ranks based on its relevance.

If you are looking for the professional SEO Company in India, then we are surely going to be the best choice for you. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and we deliver 100% satisfaction to them. In case you have any query on we being the Best search engine optimization company in India or about our services, feel free to call us. We will love to hear from you.